It's a mad, mad world

How hard is it to find a guy that likes the same weird shit you do and is also cute and kinda sexy but not too much cause then he would get to cocky and nobody looks better than me bitch and he's also really funny like so funny he makes me laugh the shit out of me so hard I think I'd might die kind of funny and knows a whole lot of movie references such as Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner or Does It Look Like A Bitch so we can spend the entire weekend binge whatching our favorite shows on Netflix and who also enjoys cooking just as much as I do and he loves cats like LOOOVES cats and he's sensitive but also quite manly and he's got to have great arms it's imperative that he has awesome arms like just perfect to wrap me up like a burrito and eat me and he must love burritos actually he needs to like almost every kind of food so suck it and basically who's as much crazy as I am.

Because that's what you really need.
Someone to share the same madness with.

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