Blame it on the alcohol.

After a long weekend filled with mistakes - well, maybe there weren't that many mistakes... okay, there were only two major screw-ups, but they were so huge they labelled the weekend as one of those you don't regret, but clearly don't want to remember or repeat ever again. I know that bad decisions make good stories, but what happens when you go too far? When things all of a sudden get real, and you realize you both ain't kidding any more? It sucks, that's what happens. One slight movement, and everything changed. And the thing was that by that moment, I was in too deep; no matter how hard the moral part of my brain tried to stop me, the rest of my mind was so fucked up I couldn't even speak.
For one bare moment I was scared to death that I might have destroyed the single one friendship I hadn't messed up with yet. But I didn't, because it wasn't entirely my fault; we both were guilty for what was happening. I'm just glad we both knew that we could blame it on how drunk we were and leave the whole thing there.
And when it comes to the other one... well, let's just say that getting drunk while holding a grudge at someone who can't seem to make up his mind, isn't the smartest of things to do, especially when you end up with a person that clearly doesn't know what a one night stand means.
So anyway, I guess this is one of those things that right now make you want to disappear from this Earth, but that, eventually, you end up laughing about. Or at least I hope so!

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