Vocal y la que te parió.

People like you are the reason we have middle fingers.



Y tenías que aparecerte nomas en mis sueños.
Y ya es el segundo que tengo.
Y ahora no sé qué esperar.

Que este estigma se termine de una vez.
Que se dé vuelta y me deje soñar tranquila.
Que se dé vuelta y yo pueda creer que el sueño puede hacerse realidad.
Que se dé vuelta todo.


alone, together

no choice now, it's too late.
let him go, he gave up;
I gave up.

the first time, it happened too fast.
the second time, I thought it would last.

we all like it a little different...


definitely foe

No, you know what? Fuck this.

Fuck you, and your shitty drama.
And stay the fuck away from me and my (difficult but yet achieved) happiness.

Time's up, bitch.


friend or foe?

It's so sad to see the kind of person you've turned into these past months.
You kept pushing me away, and still I always came back; because you were one of my best friends, and you needed me, even if you never admitted it, I knew that deep down you knew it too.
But I got tired of your constant drama.
You made it pretty clear that you can't help someone who doesn't want your help.

Yes, I've made some mistakes in the past.
But no, that doesn't give you the right to use me as your scape goat for your screw ups.

So go ahead. Get mad at me. Tear our friendship apart.
I'll stay here for you just in case you ever realize what you've done.
You've still got time to see I'd never do anything to hurt you.
You still have time to fix everything.

You'll always have time. 



Es irritantemente irónico que las cosas que a tus papás les molestan de vos,
son exactamente las cosas molestas de ellos que vos adquiriste al crecer.




Me pasé toda la tarde llorando almost non stop.
Creo que me está por venir.



Please don't get my hopes up and then just disappear, at least not when I'm trying my best to think that this time things will finally turn out alright. A few months ago the idea of not being able to feel something for anyone but him was terrifying me to death. And right at that moment, you appeared out of nowhere.

With the words I needed to hear so bad.
With the lips mine were craving all this time.
With a smile I'd forgotten I could make.
With a buzzer to wake up all those butterflies who'd been asleep for so long.



Justo cuando pensé en darte por perdido, prendiste la luz.