F is for fuck you.

You OBVIOUSLY prefer her, so why should I even bother?
I mean, it's not like we can act cool and "just be friends"; that didn't turn out well those times we tried to, or did it? Like when we crepped out when she ain't around... Yeah, we've never really been friends. You can't be friends with the people you want to do. You can pretend so as to get closer, but once you've reached your goal, that's it. Friendship finite, bro.
Well then, since we obviously cannot stay friends because eventually we'll attempt to get into each other's pants, and either way, that bitch would still remain in the middle, I've decided to step aside, only this time, I'm stepping aside for good.

No more depressive lyrics on my facebook status. (or at least they won't be because of you)
No more shooting some You in the "you" of some song.
No more awkward moments when we both know we've got nothing to say to each other anymore.
No more bullshit.
No more Y O U.



Revolviendo el pasado, me encontré con el momento en que nos conocimos.
Con el primer tequiero
Con ese minúsculo teamo
Con un nosotros que jamás pasó.

Siempre voy a recordar esa historia que en realidad no sucedió.