teenage years.

drama & fights. laughter & tears. breakups & makeups. it's rushing yourself to grow up, and then to realize you want your innocence back. it's hurting over someone else. it's getting drunk and having your best friends hold your hair back as you puke, then re-capping your night the next morning. it's jealousy & envy, rumours & gossip. it's wannabe sluts & church girls. it's getting knocked over again and again to the point where you question if you should just stay down. it's disappointment & lies. it's those nights when you want to BE alone but you don't want to FEEL alone. it's those knots in your stomach that make you want to cry. it's a fake smile that's been forced upon your face for so long people actually believe you're happy. it's getting backstabbed & feeling betrayed. it's hearing lie after lie so you learn to never trust anyone but yourself. it's the tears on your cheek that you want to be wiped away by one person, the person who made you cry on the first place. it's growing up & meeting new people. it's moving on within time, lots and lots of time. it's wishing bad things onto people out of anger. it's hoping for a happy future & wishing on 11:11. it's learning & discovering new things. it's to hurt yourself but still give it another try. it's to learn from the past mistakes & to laugh over someone you once cried over. it's getting stronger & becoming independent. it's seeing you can and that you actually are happy on your own. so what are teenage years? it's the realization that you're young, carefree and having fun. it's a whole future unfolding at your feet. so maybe it hurts a little bit, but hey, that's life. if things always went the way we wanted them to, we'd never appreciate them. don't listen to everything you hear & take chances, even if the risk is getting hurt. smile and mean it because in thirty years from now you're going to look back on those years you rushed through & all you'll want will be to get them back. -Alyssa Russo.

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