Someone's anything.

I'm scared I'll never be able to find in someone else everything you give me.
Each look. Each smile.
You must know I melt inside every time.
Instead you deny knowing the real me when the fact is you know me better than the back of your hand.
And it hurts so bad when you show that side of you.
Because I love you.
But you're too afraid to let yourself go.
And when that day finally comes, I hope it's me your heart chooses to keep.
Then I won't have to be alone any more.
I'll realize you were with me all that time I felt like no one really cared.
Even though you weren't.
Maybe I need to stop believing in someone who won't ever admit he's able to love another person.
But I can't help to wonder, "What if that day isn't far away?"
You're going to be my everything.
And at last, I'll be someone's anything.

2 comentarios:

  1. "And it hurts so bad..." <3
    Muy bonitas imàgenes tambièn :D

  2. Agnes, espero que estés bien.
    Paso para contarte que empecé un blog nuevo. Sos bienvenida, obviamente.
    Te dejo un beso!

    (Qué linda la entrada anterior)