Someone's anything.

I'm scared I'll never be able to find in someone else everything you give me.
Each look. Each smile.
You must know I melt inside every time.
Instead you deny knowing the real me when the fact is you know me better than the back of your hand.
And it hurts so bad when you show that side of you.
Because I love you.
But you're too afraid to let yourself go.
And when that day finally comes, I hope it's me your heart chooses to keep.
Then I won't have to be alone any more.
I'll realize you were with me all that time I felt like no one really cared.
Even though you weren't.
Maybe I need to stop believing in someone who won't ever admit he's able to love another person.
But I can't help to wonder, "What if that day isn't far away?"
You're going to be my everything.
And at last, I'll be someone's anything.



Girls and the boys to whom they cling.
Girls and the hands they hold.
Girls and the legs they cross.
Girls and the words they understand and don’t.
Girls and their freckled noses.
Girls and the unexplainable noises they make.
Girls and their own girls.
Girls and the food they will only smell.
Girls and their unspoken deeds.
Girls and the cigarettes they smoke or detest.
Girls and the people they want to impress.
Girls and the polyester lining of their favorite dress.
Girls and the mascara which clumps or ruins.
Girls and the beds they sleep in.
Girls and the beds they dream in.
Girls and the curled pictures they drew.
Girls and their thighs, always too big.
Girls and ears they refuse to whisper in.
Girls and the ears they refuse to.
Girls and their friends they would have killed.
Girls and their orange contraceptive pills.


When it's time

Words get trapped in my mind;
sorry if I don't take the time
to feel the way I do.

'Cause the first day
you came into my life,
my time ticks around you.

But then I need your voice,
as a key to unlock all 
the love that's trapped in me.
So tell me when it's time 
to say "I love you".

All I want is you to understand
that when I take your hand 
it's 'cause I want to.
We are all born in a world of doubt
but there's no doubt;
I figured out I love you.

And I feel lonely for
all the losers that will never 
take the time to say
what is really on their mind. Instead,
they just hide away.
Yet they'll never have
someone like you to guide them 
and help along the way.

Oh, tell them when it's time
to say "I love you".
So tell me when its time 
to say "I love you".