the 365-day challenge
day 1: hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days
day 2: something that's illegal but you think it should be legal
day 3: what you think your reason for being here is
day 4: how you think your life would change if you achieved your dream
day 5: something you would change about the world
day 6: something you would like to change about yourself
day 7: a show or a movie that has changed you, and how
day 8: things that make you sad
day 9: things that make you happy
day 10: what you think when you hear the words "be yourself"
day 11: the worst advice you've ever heard, or ever been given
day 12: the best advice you've ever heard, or ever been given
day 13: your favorite quote
day 14: write about something you believe in, anything at all
day 15: a song that makes you cry and why
day 16: someone you trust
day 17: your idol and why you look up to them
day 18: why you made your blog, why you still have it
day 19: your thoughts on your family
day 20: what you think makes someone beautiful
day 21: everything you wish for in a significant other
day 22: how you judge intelligence
day 23: a month/year of your life when you were happiest and why
day 24: your favorite 10 (ten) people right now and why
day 25: a friend you have lost that you're better off without/one you wish you had back
day 26: 5 (five) things you're looking forward to
day 27: a person you wished lived closer and why
day 28: something that makes you really angry
day 29: a date you'd love for someone to take you on
day 30: 5 (five) favorite girl names, 5 (five) favorite boy names
day 31: a bit about your social life outside of your computer
day 32: whether you'd rather marry someone who's rich but ugly, or poor but attractive
day 33: someone who really hurt you
day 34: your horoscope for today and whether you think it's accurate
day 35: words you live by and why do you like them
day 36: what you think about your friends
day 37: who are you
day 38: thoughts on your generation
day 39: why you think you've learned more from the good or the bad
day 40: what features you get complimented on a lot
day 41: write a letter to yourself stating all the things you love about yourself
day 42: your best friend just died, what is your reaction
day 43: is it possible to lie without saying a word?
day 44: when is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards, and just do what you know is right
day 45: when was the last time you tried something new?
day 46: what makes you smile
day 47: is the truth always good to hear? why or why not?
day 48: your life story in three words
day 49: are you a lover or a fighter?
day 50: why you are doing this challenge
day 51: describe your future wedding
day 52: the most inspirational thing you've ever heard
day 52: if you didn't have an age, how old would you think you were?
day 53: your day, in great detail
day 54: your definition of love
day 55: a passage from a book that has touched you
day 56: something you did as a child that other people remember you for
day 57: what is your definition of happiness
day 58: places you want to visit and why
day 59: one person you can tell everything to
day 60: a youtube video you absolutely love and describe why
day 61: one of your most prized possessions
day 62: describe your best friend completely
day 63: your views upon gay marriage
day 64: your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before, what do you do?
day 65: one random fact about yourself
day 66: if you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be?
day 67: how you found out about tumblr and why you made one
day 68: the best concert you have been to
day 69: powerful song lyrics you love
day 70: a celebrity you don't necessarily enjoy, and why
day 71: differences between you and your best friend
day 72: list of everything you ate today
day 73: a movie you cried in
day 74: how would you describe your style of clothing?
day 75: what is one of the best dreams you have ever had?
day 76: how do you feel about going green?
day 77: what gives you every day inspiration?
day 78: would you rather people be honest with you, even if it's something not good, or lie to you to make you feel good?
day 79: why do you feel as though people judge others?
day 80: one of your favorite childhood memories
day 81: what is your biggest fear?
day 82: would you break the law to save a loved one?
day 83: if you had to teach something, what would you teach?
day 84: do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?
day 85: if you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group of people, what would your message be?
day 86: what is the difference between living and existing?
day 87: what are your views upon sex before marriage?
day 88: does money equal happiness?
day 89: are you self aware?
day 90: write a letter to one of your close friends
day 91: name a book you read in school that wasn't entirely awful
day 92: what have you learned just from attending your school?
day 93: what about the opposite sex can you not understand?
day 94: do you keep your thoughts to yourself?
day 95: describe the weather occurring right now
day 96: what do you love the most about your grandparents?
day 97: something you've always wondered
day 98: what would be the hardest and most fearful thing you would ever have to face in your lifetime?
day 99: do you think it's better to have a few close best friends or to have a lot of acquaintances?
day 100: what is the best thing about being your age?
day 101: would you like to travel abroad to learn about new things throughout the world?
day 102: life lessons you've learned throughout life
day 103: do you believe in love at first sight?
day 104: three words you cant go a day without using
day 105: describe your favorite place in the world
day 106: someone you judged by the first impression
day 107: the friendliest person you knew for only one day
day 108: is it easier to forgive or forget?
day 109: if you were a super hero, what kind of powers would you have?
day 110: something that makes you happy
day 111: do you wish upon 11:11 even if it may not come true?
day 112: what is the most important part in a relationship?
day 113: do you believe that if you want something enough you'll get it?
day 114: do you like when people are protective over you?
day 115: is it possible to be single and happy?
day 116: one guy who means a lot to you
day 117: if you were to get a tattoo, what would it look like?
day 118: what people in your life inspire you the most?
day 119: something you hope you never have to do
day 120: what is your zodiac sign and what do you think it means?
day 121: what do you think about stereotypes?
day 122: which activities make you lose track of time?
day 123: do you believe teenagers can fall in love?
day 124: have you ever had feelings for someone who was seeing someone else?
day 125: have you ever gone out of your way to make someone happy?
day 126: have you ever been betrayed by someone you trusted?
day 127: do you believe in second chances?
day 128: what is your life's purpose?
day 129: favorite month of the year and why
day 130: if you were deserted on an island, what would you bring?
day 131: what do you worry about?
day 132: do you believe ex's can be friends?
day 133: if you had to choose between a million dollars or to be able to change a regret, what would you do?
day 134: do you have a reason to smile right now?
day 135: is change a good thing?
day 136: if you were 12 and looked at yourself in the future, would you be happy?
day 137: one of your wildest dreams
day 138: one of the nicest things anyone has said to you
day 139: something you can't wait for
day 140: how do you feel about people disrespecting their parents?
day 141: someone who fascinates you
day 142: how have you changed in the past 2 (two) years?
day 143: how important you think education is?
day 144: are you planning on having children one day?
day 145: is it easy to trust others?
day 146: is there someone that makes you happy every time you see them?
day 147: what do you think about ignorant people?
day 148: do you think more about the past, present, or future?
day 149: would you rather love one person or have many short relationships?
day 150: how is your heart lately?
day 151: would you move to a different country to be with the one you love?
day 152: what is one step of action you would take to change the world?
day 153: do you think the hardest thing is sometimes the easiest thing?
day 154: a moment you felt most satisfied in your life
day 155: what is one achievement you are proud of?
day 156: tv show you enjoy the most
day 157: do you like to give or receive?
day 158: would you give up all of your presents one christmas time to help others from other countries?
day 159: one thing you love about photography
day 160: do you go by live, laugh, love?
day 161: why is it so much easier being a child than an adult?
day 162: highs and lows of this month
day 163: one place you would love to visit
day 164: one thing many people don't know about you
day 165: favorite type of music
day 166: have you ever had a teacher that changed your life?
day 167: funniest movie you have ever seen
day 168: how do you feel about cyber bullying?
day 169: what is your life motto?
day 170: something you noticed throughout high school
day 171: one famous guy you would marry this instant

day 172: what kind of person attracts you?
day 173: is there something you laugh at every time it happens?
day 174: how do you think you're going to act like in 10 years?
day 175: songs you listen to when you're happy
day 176: do you enjoy cooking?
day 177: something you're proud of in the past few days
day 178: a goal you have this weekday
day 179: how do you feel about discrimination?
day 180: what is the most inspiring book you have read?

day 181: how did you spend your last birthday?
day 182. why do you think people are so addicted to facebook/tumblr/social networks?
day 183: you are told you have one week left to live, how do you spend it?
day 184: when you think of your best friend, what is your first memory? how did you meet them? explain him/her.
day 185: where will you be in ten years?
day 186: have you ever made a time capsule? If yes, with who, do you remember what you put inside? If not, what would you put inside if you had to put something in right now?
day 187: post a picture of yourself, taken today, and five random facts about yourself.
day 188: what are you always carrying around with you?
day 189: list everything you like about yourself, and explain why. What makes you unique?
day 190: put your ipod on shuffle and list the first ten songs/artists. How did you find the music?
day 191: are you excited for anything right now?
day 192: summer or winter? why?
day 193: what are you doing for the next big holiday?
day 194: what did you do today?
day 195: have you ever had braces/will you ever need braces?
day 196: what is one thing you regret doing?
day 197: do you have a set out path for your future yet?
day 198: a picture taken over ten years ago
day 199: what is the last book you read, why did you read it?
day 200: whatever suits your fancy.( a picture, random facts, what you did today, your plans for tomorrow)
day 201: what are your plans for tomorrow?
day 202: what did you do last saturday?
day 203: what is the last thing you had to save your money for?
day 204: do you have a job, if so, where?
day 205: do you believe in love at first sight? why or why not?
day 206: what's your favorite band?
day 207: have you ever cried in a movie? which?
day 208: tell us about your family.
day 209: what do you remember most about last winter?
day 210: in a nutshell, what is your daily routine?
day 211: a picture of you and your best friend
day 212: one person you know you can trust?
day 213: the person closest to your heart. how do you know them?
day 214: favorite movie
day 215: a letter to your crush
day 216: list of some of your favorite tumblrs/blogs
day 217: a letter to someone who you used to be close to
day 218 : a letter to someone you judged by first impression
day 219: a talent you have
day 220: a picture that makes you smile
day 221: a photography picture taken by you.
day 222: what are you craving right now?
day 223: bad habits of yours.
day 224: a letter to your eight year old self.
day 225: what is the most inspirational thing you have ever heard?
day 226: next present holiday wish list
day 227: a letter to the reflection in the mirror
day 228: list ten people you would die for
day 229: write a letter to the person you're closest to
day 230: what is your favorite memory from before the school age?
day 231: what were your thoughts when entering pre-school, kindergarten, middle school, and high school?
day 232: how was your last year in school?
day 232: list the movies you'll never get sick of watching
day 233: what is the most quotable movie.. list a few of your favorite quotes?
day 234: favorite song as a ten year old?
day 235: if your six year old self looked at you now, what would their reaction be?
day 236: what was your most memorable summer?
day 237: who from full house do you relate to most?
day 238: who/what can't you live without?
day 239: have you changed in the past 200 days?
day 240: what does your name mean according to urban dictionary? were you named after anyone in your family, or does your name mean something special to your parents?
day 241: what name would your parents have named you if you were the opposite sex? did they have a list of names for you?
day 242: 10 (ten) most significant events in your life
day 243: what is the last thing you baked?
day 244: a picture taken recently
day 245: what is the compliment you get most? what is the compliment you give most?
day 246: who are you?
day 247: your opinion on drinking/drugs
day 248: who do you text most?
day 249: if you died tomorrow, would you want to tell anyone anything?
day 250: write a short love story
day 251: what inspires you to write?
day 252: list 5 (five) things that make you happy
day 253: list 5 (five) things that make you sad
day 254: list your 5 (five) favorite foods
day 255: list your 5 (five) favorite drinks
day 256: list 5 (five) things you want to say to ten different people at this moment
day 257: list 5 (five) good things about your life
day 258: list 5 (five) bad things about your life
day 259: list your family members and how they help you daily
day 260: list your 5 (five) favorite songs
day 261: list what you did/plan to do today
day 262: list your favorite stores
day 263: list how you did your make up today
day 264: how are you wearing your hair?
day 265: post a picture of your outfit, or explain it
day 266: an old song you still like
day 267: when you've had a terrible day, how do you deal with it?
day 268: an overused saying?
day 269:how are you similar to and different from the majority of tumblr users?
day 270: what would your dream house/apartment/castle/tree house/loft/bungalow/etc. look like?
day 271: who makes your happier than anyone else?
day 272: what was the worst thing to happen to you in middle school?
day 273: 7 (seven) things that cross your mind a lot.
day 274: 6 (six) things you love
day 275: 5 (five) songs you like.
day 276: 4 (four) things you wish you could say, but might never.
day 277: 3 (three) things you miss
day 278: 2 (two) things you want.
day 279: 1 (one) story of a memory you have.
day 280: what was the last movie you watched, write about it?
day 281: someone you would switch lives with for a day and why
day 282: if you were stranded on an island, who would be with you and which limited 10 (ten) items would you two have?
day 283: describe your perfect date
day 284: write the similarities between you and your best friend
day 285: what got you into this challenge?
day 286: a picture of what you wore today
day 287: a silly picture of you/you & your friends
day 288: last post you made on your blog that doesn't involve a challenge?
day 289: write a letter to your followers
day 290: a video you would usually watch on Youtube
day 291: what did you eat today?
day 292: recommend a few tumblrs/blogs and write why you recommended them.
day 293: when you look outside/step outside your front door of the house, what do you see?
day 294: something that inspires you
day 295: things you're looking forward to next week/month
day 296: create a collage of your pictures you take in one day and post them up.
day 297: when did you start wearing makeup?
day 298: do you like to dress up or dress down for school?
day 299: who's on the left of your locker who's on the right? do you like them?
day 300: your celebrity crush
day 301: who is your favorite actor/actress and why?
day 302: post a picture of your makeup from today
day 303: last time you were sick, what did you have?
day 304: what is your favorite kind of soup?
day 305: which grade was your favorite? why?
day 306: what are the most distinct memories from preschool age and younger?
day 307: what are the memories you have when you think of kindergarten?
day 308: what are the memories you have from first grade?
day 309: what are the memories you have from second grade?
day 340: what are the memories you have from third grade?
day 341: what are the memories you have from forth grade?
day 342: what are the memories you have from fifth grade?
day 343: the last person you texted— how do you know them?
day 344: post a picture of yourself today
day 345: write a letter to your best friend
day 346: what are your favorite type of shoes? why?
day 347: are you getting bored of this challenge?
day 348: what's the most embarrassing thing you've done lately?
day 349: what's the way to win your heart?
day 350: do you have any hard, life-changing choices to make any time soon?
day 351: are you addicted to facebook?
day 352: do you know anyone with an outie belly button? who?
day 353: what quote do you live by?
day 354: last time you cried, why was it?
day 355: honestly, do you know all the words to your countries national anthem?
day 356: what is your dream job?
day 357: as a kid did you want to be a ninja turtle and/or power ranger? which color?
day 358: are you as addicted to tumblr as you were a year ago?
day 359: describe what you normally do on a weekly basis. A little bit about your social life outside of the internet.
day 360: a picture of what you wore today
day 361: If you won the lottery, honestly, how would you spend the money?
day 362: what is the biggest lie you've ever told. why'd you tell it?
day 363: do you know what your first post on tumblr was?
day 364: have you changed much in the past year?
day 365: look back to your first post of this challenge, asking 'Post a picture of yourself and tell us your hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days' did you achieve any of these goals? And post a picture. :)

Una vez por semana voy a subir siete de estos días, empezando obviamente el 07.01.2011. Quiero cumplirlo porque sé que va a ser lindo verlo completo dentro de un año. Espero no colgarme y poder terminarlo.

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  1. Hola ;D
    Interesantísimo tooodo el año hacer esto ;D Me parece geeeniaal!

    Me encanta tu blog! Súper seguidora ;D

    Feliz 2011, besos.