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day 1: hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
- Get in the IUNA
- Finally lose those extra pounds
- Have an awesome summer
- Do my best and try to always give it all
- Read and write more
- I hope to find that special someone
- Perform (a lot)
- Have fun and just enjoy those small moments in life

day 2: something that's illegal but you think it should be legal
Some time ago I would 've said "Gay marriage", but as it has already been legalized...

day 3: what do you think your reason for being here is?

I'm here because my parents wanted to, period.

day 4: how you think your life would change if you achieved your dream
My dream is to become a famous actress, so my life would change quite dramatically if I achieved it. Correction: it will change dramatically when I achieve it.
While watching movies the thought of wanting to be there in front of the cameras never leaves my mind, and when I go to the theatre it's even worse. I feel the urge of jumping off my seat and to just join the actors on stage. When I'm up there everything's alright, it's just like Heaven.

day 5: something you would change about the world

The way people care solely about themselves; every time someone does a "good deed", they're just thinking what's in it for them. Sometimes you've got to give and not necessarily receive, stop being so selfish.
day 6: something you would like to change about yourself
I would change the amount of jealousy I can feel; I'm too possessive about my things. And that's the only feeling that can actually bring me down completely, it makes me feel like I'm nothing when it comes around. So I would want to be less of a jealous person.

day 7: a show or a movie that has changed you, and how
I don't know, I've watched so many movies and shows throughout my life I cannot think of one that has actually changed me. I mean, lots of them have certainly influenced me. Maybe instead of mentioning a show that changed me, I will mention one that I identify with: Glee. Some of you may find it stupid, but at the moment the show premiered I was going trough the exact same situation: I was the only person back at my school who wanted the Drama Club to actually work out. Watching the show gave me hope, because "being part of something special makes you special". I love Glee, and I really don't give a fuck if you think it's gay or whatever; the show's awesome, at least for me.

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