Jealousy, celos, shit.

Probably one of the most annoying, disgusting, unpleasant feelings there is. And the worst part of it, it always appears when you least expect it to. Suddenly your whole stomach gets stabbed by a million kinds of daggers, not a single spot is left unharmed, and you cannot do a thing about it. You feel utterly helpless as you watch how someone else takes away from you the things you love.
In my case, I know I can't do much about it; I can only hope things will turn back to what they used to be, a time when you were not there, infecting almost each part of my life as if you were some sort of bacteria.

Unlike you, I do not need to be reassuring myself all the time if my friends love me back.
Unlike you, I can spend time on my own; have some alone time, because I'm not afraid of facing myself.
Unlike you, I like and care about myself.
Unlike you, I have love inside of me. And when you are capable of creating love for yourself, then you're ready to love and be loved in return. Only then you can be sure people will stand by you without actually asking them.

3 comentarios:

  1. Agnes tienes un talento increible para escribir el ingles.. Lucky you, cause for me it's a bit hard to get my self so expressed by writing in English.. thought i do speak it perfectly.

    Tenia tiempo sin ver una entrada tuya, debo admitir que soy adicta a tu blog, me fascina leerlo. Lastima que ya no escribas tan seguido:(

    Bueno, un beso desde Venezuela

  2. ¿Alguna amiga? Me encanta que, a pesar de todo, confíes en vos y en lo que sos.
    Go, Agnes! Jajaja. Un beso grande.
    PD.: Perdón por la brevedad, es que estoy apurada.

  3. Casi, Camo. En realidad es una ex amiga que se mete con mis actuales amigas, y obviamente eso me da por las pelotas. Se ve que le encanta robarme lo que es mío jaja
    Gracias por las palabras de aliento, Camo! Por más cortas que sean, siempre cuentan jaja feliz año!