Summer, you're finally here

Me tardé unos días en terminarlo, pero esto es verano para mí este año. Por primera vez en mi vida quiero ir a la playa (y para la gente que me conoce, eso les sonaría a que finalmente enloquecí, porque yo no soy una chica playera). En fin, les deseo un excelente fin de año a todos; a los que conozco, a los que leyeron esto de casualidad porque estaban buscando fotos y apareció mi blog, a mis fieles seguidores, a mis no tan fieles seguidores, a los que están y a los que no. Como dije, les deseo un buen fin de año y un genial dosmilonce a todos, enjoy!  


Jealousy, celos, shit.

Probably one of the most annoying, disgusting, unpleasant feelings there is. And the worst part of it, it always appears when you least expect it to. Suddenly your whole stomach gets stabbed by a million kinds of daggers, not a single spot is left unharmed, and you cannot do a thing about it. You feel utterly helpless as you watch how someone else takes away from you the things you love.
In my case, I know I can't do much about it; I can only hope things will turn back to what they used to be, a time when you were not there, infecting almost each part of my life as if you were some sort of bacteria.

Unlike you, I do not need to be reassuring myself all the time if my friends love me back.
Unlike you, I can spend time on my own; have some alone time, because I'm not afraid of facing myself.
Unlike you, I like and care about myself.
Unlike you, I have love inside of me. And when you are capable of creating love for yourself, then you're ready to love and be loved in return. Only then you can be sure people will stand by you without actually asking them.


the comeback

Ok, I guess you could say I took quite a long break from blogging. Fact is, I missed it terribly. That's why I'm finally coming back, for good. And if by any chance you were wondering what I've been up to this past month, I really tried to write about it, but I just couldn't. Still don't know what the hell had happened I couldn't put words together to explain how I was feeling or talk about random stuff either. So many things came around these past weeks I can't just write about all of them.
I've spent two days trying to figure out how to describe everything in the simplest way, so fuck it. Why make it simple when I can tell everything the way it was? It's going to take me some time, but who cares?

Today's Christmas' Eve and, like every year, I wished for the same thing. Hope this year I finally get it. Funny thing is, each year I get a step closer, maybe 2011's got something big planned for me. It has happened that years which ended with odd numbers were better than the even years. Well Santa, I swear that if I find a cute brit boy (or at least a cute boy) waiting for me under the mistletoe or wrapped up beneath my Christmas tree, I will be very much pleased. If you need any advice on which to bring me, help yourself from the pictures below:

Get the idea, right?