It does not matter any more if I am in love with you or not, because I am over you. I got closure. I mean, you have to be a hundred percent sure about us if you want me to actually come back to you. Right now I am just enjoying the ride, the thrill of colliding our lips together once more. You would think I am crazy if I told you but, you did not have to say anything for me to understand you, and neither did I. The way we know each other was enough for us to feel so good together. We were somewhat in perfect synchronization. And we could have let everything fade away on that one time, but we did not. It happened again. So what is wrong with just leaving this on repeat until one of us realizes what the fuck is really going on between us? Maybe this thing that started is just what we need to get to that place. Let go of what others might tell you. Just listen to your own self, follow your heart, it will lead you to everything you want. It might be me, it might as well not. But if you do not know it on the first place, how does all the rest do? In the end, it is your call.

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  1. Qué situación difícil. Ojalá recapacite. Te lo merecés.
    Gracias Agnes por todos tus comentarios, siempre me animan(: Un beso grande!

  2. mas claro hechale agua, ajaja sos lo mas amiga, te amo con todo , soy kochi