Take a chance, or run away?

I really need to start measuring up the steps I'm about to take before I actually take them. I mean, I feel like I'm rushing in too soon into stuff I didn't want to rush in on the first place. Don't know why I did so, though. Maybe I needed to risk myself, take the chance. No matter what the answer was, the final decision was still under my control. It still is. Now I actually regret the way things turned out to be, but at first I felt so badly that I was doing the right thing. I've got to run away from the last mistake I made. It's unbearable. Guess I was wrong about everything. I should have sticked to what I already knew, and don't add any more trouble to it; I already have enough with all the stuff I'm going through right now. The funny thing is that I did two things  on the last time that many people would consider out of the question to do them so soon. But all I would've replied would've sounded a bit like "Fuck off, it's my life and I'll make my own mistakes, thank you.". And the even funnier thing is that, of those two, one of them would normally make me a... ok, maybe I shouldn't risk my reputation (or sort of reputation) by sinking it alongside that word. I'm not afraid of it, as I don't see myself that way at all, I just know of certain people who might read this and get the wrong impression... I just don't want any drama. Getting into the topic again, that one thing I did I don't want to tell, should be the one I regret the most, and I have the courage to say I don't regret it. Not one single bit.

 These two photos "could" me so much I don't know how much I would've stayed without posting them eventually. Maybe they've got nothing to do with what I've written; maybe they do. Who cares?

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  1. ya te lo dije ayer :)
    0 inspiracion ahora, pero sabe que te amo mucho :)