Si alguien no entiende inglés, perdón, pero me nació completar la lista in english. Además, la encontré originalmente en ese idioma, así que no quise romper con la inspiración (?)

10 things you want for Christmas: (sorry if these below make me sound a bit superficial, but I'm allowed to dream, or am I not?)
  1. Miss Dior Chérie eau de parfum
  2. Different colors of nail polish
  3. Some cool pair of sneakers
  4. A nice pair of shoes to go out
  5. CDs
  6. A huge leather handbag, so I can carry all my stuff
  7. DVDs (classics, mainly)
  8. Loads of Clothes
  9. The biggest bag of Wild Berry Skittles
  10. You.
9 musicians/bands you love: (they're in no particular order whatsoever)
  1. The Killers  
  2. Keane  
  3. Madonna  
  4. Regina Spektor  
  5. The Cranberries  
  6. Showtunes (yep, I’m a Broadway addict!)  
  7. Lily Allen  
  8. Travis
  9. Shakira (and this is just the top of the list…)
    8 things you do every day: 
    1. Go online  
    2. Text  
    3. Listen to music  
    4. Watch some TV   
    5. Search for cool pictures on the internet  
    6. Wander ‘round tumblrs and blogs  
    7. Sing  
    8. Sleep
      7 things you enjoy: 
      1. Singing  
      2. Acting  
      3. Being with friends  
      4. Laughing  
      5. Rain  
      6. Watching movies  
      7. Reading
        6 things that will always win your heart:
        1. The fact that he happens to be a gentleman and isn’t afraid to show it  
        2. Coincidences between the both of us, those just make me smile (every time)  
        3. That he’s respectful in every way  
        4. The little things he does just to see your smile (like when he speaks in English to me) 
        5. The way he makes you feel like you could never be safer than when you’re with him  
        6. If he makes me feel important in any way, that will certainly win my heart
          5 favorites: 
          1. Movie: Moulin Rouge!  
          2. Song: This one keeps changing over time, I think right now it could be Your Song, from the Moulin Rouge! Soundtrack  
          3. Book: I cannot pick just one, they’re all too different  
          4. Food: Sushi (by far the best meal)  
          5. Season: Spring (or Fall, I really like both!)
            4 smells you enjoy: 
            1. Men’s perfume (it melts me inside)  
            2. My mom’s cooking  
            3. Rain  
            4. Smells that make you go to the past (like in your memories, I meant that)
              3 places you want to go: 
              1. NYC  
              2. London  
              3. Paris
                2 favorite holidays: 
                1. Christmas  
                2. My birthday (yeah, for me IT’S a holiday)
                  1 person you’d marry on the spot:
                  1. Brandon Flowers, Jim Sturgess, Ewan McGregor, James Mcavoy, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Michael J. Fox (the one from the 80s) OMG I could continue all day long with this, they’re just SO hot!

                    2 comentarios:

                    1. de lugares sacando primero nyc también quiero conocer london y paris en ese orden.
                      también me gusta la lluvia y si algún día no escucho música no vivo .

                      Con respecto a lo de bugcrush lo estoy bajando ya que vía on line no se por que no lo toma! y tarda vía ares te leo beso!

                    2. 1) My little lovely Agnes, I think you're in love